Win Back the Community serves as a catalyst for collaboration. 

Don't complain, activate challenge 

Don't Complain, Activate challenge is a initiative where we call people to not complain about the injustices happening in their communities but to activate themselves and go do something about them. We asked people on Facebook to make a video discussing how they will activate themselves in order to use their influence to make a difference in their community. This is an example of how we engage with the community and how important and powerful engagement is.


Silence equals consent: Your Vote Matters

Many people think that being silence when it comes to voting is better than voting, but that is not true and is detrimental to the community. We must use our voices to make a difference and we brought people together to discuss the importance of civic engagement and attending precinct caucues. 


1st annual Win Back the Community Summer Festival & Cultural Celebration

Win Back the Community's first project was a community event that centered around the youth. We provided food, haircuts, and school supplies for the youth as well as had musicians and spoken word artists perform all in the spirit of the bringing the community together. There were people of all ages who attended and showed how much they care about the community and the youth who live in it.