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The AguysNColor

The AguysNColor is a social platform where Jeffrey and Ashley Aguy learn life, live dreams, and love people. They strive to be unapologetically black, meaningfully married and authentically Christian! Jeffrey Aguy is a strategist, businessman, and also serves as the Economic Development Chair of the Minneapolis NAACP. Ashley Auy has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota, has worked as a child protection social worker for Hennepin County, has served as a social worker at ISD 91 Burnsville-Egan-Savage School District, and is currently the co-chair of the Health and Wellness committee of the Minneapolis NAACP.

James Badu-El

James Badu-El is the founder of Cleaning For Change. He serves as Co-chair of the Minneapolis NAACP Prison Outreach  Committee. Badu-El activates the community by developing leaders, unifying faith religions, and advocating for the community. Clean for change is a reverse broken windows theory initiative, which links order and civility within a community to subsequent occurrences of positive actions and the decrease of serious crime. 


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