The Power of Economic Stability

"To live in a system of free enterprise, and to not understand the rules of free enterprise — must be the very definition of slavery." -Andrew Young


Stronger Communities & Wealth creation

Economic justice allows communities to become stronger and sustainable for the future. Too often, a child's future is predetermined based on their zip code and which family they are born into. Similarly, our society creates limitation on what field of study youth should enter in order to be successful. 

WBC teaches youth financial literacy and the power of human capital. We are working dismantling the notion of a "starving artist." More importantly, WBC aspires to teach youth that there is no dream to big and no amount of adversity they cannot overcome. We help youth obtain the resources, knowledge, and network they need to be successful. 


Business Development

WBC is investing into youth so that they can invest in themselves. Youth will attend bi-weekly professional development workshops, which will equip them with skills, knowledge, and tools that will lead to success. 

In addition, to providing youth with stipends, we are also providing them with mentors. Mentors will provide youth with professional and personal enrichment. In life, it is not always about what you know but rather who you know. Mentors will provide the youth with access to their network and will broaden their horizons.